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Shopping, office and service center

About project

D1 Center is a multi-purpose shopping, office and service facility in the heart of D1 Park. D1 Park was founded by Slovak well known real estate developer IPEC in 2004.

Since 2018, the IPEC Group has been working on the revitalization of the building, its further expansion (D1 Business Park project) and its use.


The D1 Center provides several services (eg service, restaurant, etc.) for tenants, more than 5,000 people employed in the logistics park, but also for transit passing through the area.

Existing spaces with flexible units provide the possibility to rent offices, warehouses or business units.

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Why us?



Free parking space for up to 450 cars right in front of D1 Center.



Just 15 minutes from Slovakia's captial Bratislava, 70 minutes from Austria’s capital Vienna.


24/7 security service with security cameras installed.



D1 Highway Exit “Senec” and state road nr. 503 ensure an easy access to D1 Center from all directions.



60 shops, easy access, up to 400 parking lots and direct access to the shops from inner and outer area.

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flexible workplace solution, pleasant architecture, high quality technical standard, 24/7 access with security service

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Business friendly environment suitable for international congresses, social events, seminars, trainings, company presentations, fashion shows or press conferences and other business events.

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